Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Put on your high heeled shoes!

high heels and jeans

high heels and mini skrit
i wear high heels to all kind of outfits. high heels fit to nearly all kind of clothes - and make it even more atractive and feminin. i like to combine high heels with jeans, dresses, mini skirts, gowns,... . but i will post a lot of pictures of my collection of high heeled shoes and different outfits to show you what i mean ;-).

the shoes i wear on this photo are black italian heels with a 11cm (4,5 inch) heel.

Monday, November 6, 2006

welcome on my high heel blog!

hello and a warm welcome to all fans of high heels & co!

i got a lot of emails from my corset blogs to post more photos of my shoes - especially of high heels. so i decided to create a new weblog just about high heels, stilettos, boots, sandales and co. as my own collection of high heeled shoes is growing steadly (i guess all women know what i'm talking about;-)) - i have a lot to blog about.

have a lot of fun on my higher heel blog!

if you want to take a look on my corset-blogs:

my english corsetblog: http://corsetgirl.blogspot.com and my german korsettblog http://korsett.blogspot.com.