Monday, June 27, 2011

High Heels, Stockings and Garters

high heels and ankle strap

stilettos, stockings and garters

6 inch black pumps

stilettos and stockings

High Heels, Stockings and Garters .....

as said in the first posting with photos of this 6 inch high heels - you'll see some more photos of my black patent pumps ;). Hope you don't mind - but I'm really in love with this shoes!! My friend - she's a us shoesize 8 too - wears them together with amazing looking black, stylish stockings with a woven seam. For all lovers of garters - yes, she wears a garter belt with 6 suspenders under her miniskirt.
The shoes are 6 inch (15.25 cm) black patent Women's Domina-402 pumps from Pleaser shoes. To accessorize the black stockings and black stilettos - she wears a thin silver anklet ;). You just have to be carefull with the ankle-strap - to not destroy the anklet!

Sorry for the poor quality of these heelpix - but i just took them spontaneously when were having a glass of wine on the balcony. Both of us already dressed up in stilettos, stockings, garters and very short mini skirts - just before going out.

Thank you a lot for all the nice comments and email-reactions to the last posting!!!

High Heeled greetings & kisses
- Viv