Saturday, September 1, 2007

the highest heels??

5 inch sandals
a great fan of my high heels blog from italy made me think of how high can high heels be for me? - well, thats a really good question and i realy would like to know what is the maximum height of high heels my feet will be able to manage.
i put on my highest heels - 5 inch - and tried to stretch my leg and feet completly. if you look at the photo were i'm standing, you can see that the heel is above the ground and that there is also some space between my feet and the sandal.
so - the 5 inch of the sandal and the probably half or 3/4 inch of space together should be the height of the highest heels i can wear (without standing on my toes or bending my knees) with my arch completly streched.
i realy would like to try 5,5 or even 5,75 inch highheels - somewhere there is the maximum i think.
i'll keep you up to date with my "high heels-experiment". ;-)