Wednesday, March 21, 2007

fishnet stockings and 5 inch high heels part II

fishnet stockings and 5 inch high heels
part two of fishnet stockings and high heels! because i got so many mails from high-heel lovers around the world - here is part two with two more pix. looks like the fishnet-stockings with a garter belt and stilettos are your favourite combination. hope you like the second part of these high-heel-pics as much as the first one.

Monday, March 12, 2007

5 inch high heels and fishnet stockings

fischnet stockings and garter-belt

here you get a detailed view of what i wear under my ballgown - my golden 5 inch stiletto heels and fishnet-stockings and a garter-belt. the fishnet-stockings have a very nice lace top and together with the high heels they create never ending long legs. on dancing-balls i prefer to wear stockings with a garter-belt instead of stay-ups. because only a garter belt manage to keep the stockings in place for a whole night where you dance and sweat.
it's the same with high heels - on such events i only wear high heels with an ankle strap.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

5 inch stilettos with jeans

5 inch stilettos
it's not easy to find the right jeans for 5 inch high stilettos. but here you see some jeans with exactly the perfect lenght for high heels - they end just half an inch above ground. you actually don't see much of the heels than - you just see amazing long legs! of course i can't wear this jeans without high heels - they would be much to long ;-).