Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ask , and you shall receive (sometimes)...

Here's Jennifer Garner in her bare legs and heels. The toe cleavage is minimal, but still evident. Hope you enjoy. If you are not aware, this isn't the first time I've featured her here... You can see the prior post HERE

Demi, Demi, Demi !!!

Thank goodness for Demi Moore these days. She's really getting to be a favorite of mine, as she's been more prone than ever to be seen in some nice toe cleavage footwear. Quite the stunner, her choices of heels lately has been nothing short of outstanding.

And I was really expecting to obtain a nice cache of photos today from last night's Kids Choice Awards (as there are a LOT of female celebs who attend this gig). Alas, almost every single female was wearing some kind of disgusting peep toe or sandal. AAAAaaagghh!! Gawd, I hope peep-toes aren't the trend this year!!!