Friday, December 4, 2009

4 inch black high heeled peep toes, stockings and miniskirt

4 inch black high heeled peep toes, stockings and miniskirt
Looks like the shoes from my last post are not only my favourite ones ;). It seems like that my darkblue buffalo stilettos met the taste of a lot of my readers - thanks for all your nice emails!! Well, i think i'll post some more photos of these heels in the next post - and maybe even create a pictureset with high res photos.
But now here are some of my "every-day" heels - black 4 inch high heeled peep toes. This shoes I wear for university or when going shopping a whole day with my friends. As they are not very high high heels and really very comfortable - I can walk in them for hours without getting hurting feet. But still they make nice long legs - a kind of perfect combination of comfortable but still good looking high heels for every day. Together with stockings, a miniskirt and a corset they even look quite sexy ;).

Hope you enjoy my photos
Highheeled greetings
- Dominique

Jessica Simpson !!!

Well, Jessica Simpson looks to be getting a little bit more full-figured these days... I like the short dress she's wearing, not so much for its form fitting shape, but for the amount of leg that it shows. Coupled with the toe cleavage pumps, I'm not really noticing anything above her hemline.