Friday, July 27, 2007

My newest and now highest heels...

5 inch - my highest heels
These are my brandnew high heeled sandals. I got them from one of my biggest fan from italy (the country famous for high heels) as a present – thanks again by the way!! of course i sent him a lot of photos wearing these shoes ;-). They are light rose sandals with very thin 5 inch heels. I’m really happy about them, because it is really difficult to find such amazing high heeled shoes in austria! they are nearly a quater inch higher than my golden high heels - so these ones are now the highest heels i own!!!! they got a special place in my shoe shelf ;-).
hope you like these sandals as much as i do. the only disadvantage of sandals is, that you can't wear stockings or a panty with them - so it has to be really warm outside. i'll post some more pics wearing these shoes - but first have to change my nails from french into something else - probaly dark blue or something like that would fit to these shoes.