Friday, September 4, 2009

black oxford high heels & black seamed stockings

black oxford high heels
5.5 inch black oxford high heels
fully fashiond stockings and high heels
highest heels and stockings
Black Oxford High Heels & Black seamed Stockings...
I (or we) haven’t posted any pics of wearing high heels and stockings for a long time already. Got already some emails with suggestions from stockinglovers ;) . Finally here are some new - and really very nice - stockings pics - especially for all lovers of fully fashioned stockings. When she is sitting , you just can see a small detail of the garter belt suspender under the white mini dress ;-).
From the back 5.5 inch high heels and stockings with a seam make unbelievable sexy looking legs.
The white minidress was actually a nurse custome for carneval. But this is probably the most sexy way you can wear a nurse custume - 5 1/2 inch (14 cm) oxford high heel pumps, black fully fashioned stockings and a corset.
Enjoy my High Heels Blog, CG.