Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 inch high heels and fully fashioned nylons

5 inch high heels and fully fashioned nylons

Finally here are some pics for all stockings and nylons lovers - me wearing black fully fashioned nylon stockings with a pointed heel and 5 inch golden high heels. Under the very short black mini dress you even can see the suspenders of the garterbelt when I sit down like this. When standing, the length of the dress is perfect - it just covers the top of the nylons ;-). It really seems that nylons (and especially black ones) make the legs to appear longer - I really like that. I wear the golden corset and the golden 5 inch stilettos heels quite often together - they fit perfectly to each other.

In the next few days more of my high heels photos will be available as high resolution photos.

Hayden Panettiere !!!

Here once again is the cheerleader from Heroes. And in her best toe cleavage footwear.