Thursday, December 27, 2007

High Heels and nylons ... a bit like the Fifties.

black high heels and nylons
4,5 inch highheels and nylons
black highheels
High Heels and nylons!
Hope all of my high-heels blog readers had a very nice christmas eve. I made myself a few presents and bought some new stockings with the money you donated - thanks a lot!

The ones you see on the high-heels photos above are black nylons with a black seam. Looks a bit like in the fifties ;-). The highheels are my pointed black italian stilettos with a 4,5 inch heel. These are just the first photos of my new stockings and nylons. I'll make and post some more high heels pics with my new clothes soon...

Wish you a Happy New Year - with hopefully a lot of new High Heels..