Monday, January 14, 2008

grey high heels and white stockings!

4 inch grey high heels and white stockings!

finally i bought white stockings with a lace top - my first pair of white ones - and of course a white garter belt too. First I tried them with my 4,5 inch white stilettos (like seen here: - but as they are a bit creme-colored and not really white, the white stockings didn't look really good with these heels.But with my 4 inch grey heels they fit perfectly. The skirt is made for wearing stockings i think - from the front and while sitting you can't see that I'm wearing stockings, but if you look at me from the back - you'll see the whole lace top of the stockings ;-).
Btw. This outfit, just with other stockings and black high heels, I was wearing for christmas.