Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5,5 inch High Heels and fully fashioned nylon stockings

my highest high heels, nylons
fully fashioned nylon stockings, high heels
5,5 inch stilettos, stockings, garter belt
5,5 inch high heels, stockings, fully fashioned
5,5 inch High Heels, Nylons and Garter belt

Some more photos of my highest heels. After practicing to walk with these very high stielttos for a longer time, i now already manage to wear them a whole night when going out. On this photos i wear them with black fully fashioned nylon stockings with a pointed heel. If you wonder why i wear gloves - it's because i didn't want to damage the stockings with my nails when putting them on. The seam at the back just makes the legs even longer than then they are already. Together with the 5,5 inch heels it really looks amazing and sexy at the same time. The mini skirt has exactly the right length - when standing straight ;-). Only if i bend oder sit down you can see the suspenders of the garterbelt.

The fully fashioned stockings i got from a very nice admirer from Scotland and the High Heels from a fan in the UK. Thanks again for those very nice and feminin things!!!