Monday, April 30, 2007

High Heels - keeping my legs in shape...

before going to town last time i dressed up - put on my stockings an high heels - and just saw my stepper. so i thought why not - trying to step wearing my 4,5inch high stilettos. of course it was just for fun for about 5 minutes - but it worked much better than i thought. maybe thats because i'm already so much used to wear high heels. i really just had to try it once to "doing sport" in stilettos ;-).

i just took a photo to show you - because high heels on a stepping machine are a really strange view....

Sunday, April 1, 2007

black stilettos and denim mini

for all high-heels-, legs- and miniskirt-lovers, here are detail views of my shoes and legs. i wear black 4,5 inch high stilettos an anklet and you can still see a small part of my denim mini skirt - as you can see it's realy very short ;-) - so these pics show my legs in nearly full length. but, it's impossible to wear stockings under such short skirts - that's the only bad thing about them.