Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's getting summer - 5 inch Sandals barefeet

high heels sandals
5 inch high heels sandals
It's getting really warm outside and the time where I can wear high heeled sandals barefeet and mini-skirts (finally) begins again. That's the reason why I kept my feet in shape during the winter ;-)
It's even warm enough for going out at night without stockings and put on my strappy sandals barefeet. Here are a few photos wheen I've been wearing my 5 inch sandals with the metal heel. They fit perfectly to my new brown - very short - mini-skirt and the light blue top. As the nails are visible in sandals, nailpolish is getting more important now in summer, so i got my nails done in french-style. If you wonder about the small waist - I wear a corset under the top ;-). Corset and High Heels - a perfect combination.

8 photos of this high heels photoshooting are now available in high resolution (~1600x1200).

Petra Nemcova !!!

Here's a semi-regular visitor to our little site here, Ms. Petra Nemcova. She seems to turn up with fair regularity at social functions sporting the bare-legged high-heeled pump look. And as we all know, this look also quite frequently produces the toe cleavage that we're all looking for. Thanks Petra, for accommodating our fanbase here.