Sunday, September 30, 2007

Black high heels – black stockings

black high stilettos and black stockings
Black high heels and black stockings
I haven’t posted photos of me wearing high heels and stockings for a long time already. So here is something for all lovers of fully fashioned stockings. you just can see a small detail of the garter belt suspender and the black seam at the back – but you know where you have to look ;-).
Black stockings fit best to black high heels – so I wear my pointed black 4,5 inch stilettos.

Would you like to support me and my passion?
A lot of people wrote me that they would even pay for my photos. But I do not want to make this blog liable to pay the costs because wearing high heels and stockings is my passion and I just want to share my experiences with other enthusiasts. So I came to the decision to give you the opportunity to support me and my hobby with small - or even bigger ;-) donations. I’m happy about every single cent, which brings me closer to buying a new pair of high heels and sexy stockings – which of course you will see on some new high heel pics!!

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Thanks, yours corsetgirl alias the feminin!!!

Hope you like it.

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