Monday, February 25, 2008

The Highest Heels - 5 1/2 inch stiletto High Heels

5.5 inch stiletto high heels - the highest heels
14 cm stiletto high heels - my highest heels
My highest heels
My Highest Heels - 5 1/2 (14 cm) inch stilettos!!!
These are my newest and now highest heels. I think with this stilettos i've reached the maximum height of heels i can wear. Wearing this amazing high heels makes really stunning legs and my arch is completly straight and streched. Even for me it will need a bit of practice to walk with them elegant. It's defenitly a big difference between 5 inch and 5.5 inch heels. These 3 photos are just the photos i took immediatly after i received them from the post. I got these amazing high heels from a very nice fan of my blog from the UK. Thanks a lot again!!!

I'll show you a lot more pics of me wearing these highest heels this week. Just had to post this photos that you get a first impression of my newest pair of stilettos.

Hope you like this high heels as much as i do!

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