Monday, December 1, 2008

Follow up to my rant

Thanks all for the comments so far. It looks like most of you agree with my sentiments, though a couple are holdouts on the french pedi thing. Be assured Shaq91 that I will never, ever find that look sexy. On even the most attractive ladies in the world. It's not a matter of being "fashion forward". Fashion does not define what is and is not "sexy." And it never will. It's a matter of what makes my heart race versus making me wince and spit. Hell, I've dumped girlfriends in the past just because they painted their toenails at all. I'm not kidding. I guess that's why I want to see pumps, and why I like toe cleavage... there's no toenail to be seen at all. All the grace and natural beauty of the female foot, without the potential of seeing something I find fairly nasty in most cases.

But just so folks don't think I'm completely closed-minded, there are some females who do seem to have the perfectly maintained toes/nails that I don't mind seeing at all. If every woman's feet looked like these, I wouldn't have a problem with sandals and open-toed shoes. One woman who just always seems to have the perfect look is Ali Larter. See pics of her here, here and here. No paint, no gimmicks, no "fashion forward" crap. Just plain old beautiful feet. Honestly, why can't every woman do this?

Here's another example... Petra Nemcova in these photos: one, two, three . This isn't that hard to do, ladies. In fact, it should be easier and cheaper than the alternative.

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