Thursday, May 28, 2009

Various !!!

I've noted the recent dearth of celebrity appearances in pumps several times in the last few months. And you folks who've been around awhile know that I typically like to focus on one celebrity per post, and usually like to have at least 4 photos included in each posting (and more often, 6-8 photos). As not to continue to wear out the same 5-6 female celebrities, I thought changing things up a bit might bring some needed variety to my site here for awhile. As such , I'm going to be producing more posts involving multiple celebs. And you shouldn't get to fretting that I'm anywhere close to running out of photos just yet. I still have a pretty extensive repository built up. And you know that I do my best not to repeat any previous posts or pictures. On top of that, I may not always know who the celebrities are... But be assured that I'll get you through this current little drought of toe cleavage appearances just fine.

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