Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Red Close-ups !!!

Today's post brings more close-up shots of fine toe cleavage in red footwear. I recently received the first two photos from a loyal follower of this blog, and am greatly appreciative of the fine shots of his wife. The same goes for shots 3 and 4... as they come from yet another reader - and I believe are also the shots of his better half.

Folks, this is an open invitation to send me similar high quality, high resolution photos of ladies in their pumps - where the toe cleavage is clear and prominent. I'm only looking for personal photos that you've taken yourself, and not ones that you've found on the internet. I can't promise that I'll post every single shot, as they still have to meet my quality control... but I'd like to see what you folks could come up with. Please send them to .

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