Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 inch Oxford High Heels and fishnet stockings

 oxford pumps and fishnet stockings
 garter belt and fishnet stockings
5 inch Oxford High Heels and fishnet stockings
Just got my new 5 inch Oxford High Heels in black and white. These heels are made by Seduce and I think they look really sexy! Some of you asked me if I have fishnet stockings. Yes I do - here they are ;) ! Hope you will love them and my matching garter belt as well! ;-). Black and white heels need a black and white garter belt ;). Together with my Oxford High Heels they make amazing legs! I also got my new insoles from "Footminders Catwalk". They make my high heels even more comfortable! Thanks a lot! If you want to know more about them visit Footminders.com - I really can recommend them for people wearing high heels every day.

Highheeled greetings and Happy Holidays

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