Friday, January 1, 2010

6 inch black high heels and black ff stockings

 6 inch high stilettos and stockings
 6 inch highstilettos
Having fun with my new 6 inch black high heels
Thanks a lot for all the nice comments and email for my new 6 inch black high heels. It looks like if my stilettos are the new favourites of my high heels fans. So I decided to show you more pix of me wearing these high heels. I tried out to combine them with a classical outfit. Of course one of my corsets cant be missing ;-) I have choosen my golden underbust corset. I also wear my black fully fashioned stockings with a black seam.
These are my highest heels at the moment. Its not as difficult to walk in them as I thought at the first moment. But still it took me quite a while to feel comfortable in these 6 inch high heels. The difference to my other high heels is just 1 inch. 1 inch doesn't sound much but needs a lot of practice to be able to walk with them in a sexy way.
If you wanne see more pix in high res of me wearing my 6 inch black high heels just follow the link!

Very high heeled greetings!

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