Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some More Similar Narrative Space 2011 Books, Carol Berg, Leona Wisoker and Barbara Friend Ish

Following the previous post about two upcoming 2011 novels that live in the same narrative space (YA'ish fantasy) though at opposite ends (fun, exuberant, over the top vs dark, suspense, Gothic), here are are three more upcoming novels that live in their own same narrative space too (fantasy with magic and intrigue).

In January, the sequel to Carol Berg's The Spirit Lens (FBC Rv) comes from Roc. Four years after the events in the first Collegia Magica novel, Anne de Vernasse now 22 years old is summoned to the court from her family estate and The Soul Mirror is told in her voice. I am currently reading it and it is a very impressive novel so far which has the potential to become a top-top one of mine if it stays this way to the end. Here is the Amazon link for more, but it is spoilerish for The Spirit Lens so I won't include the blurb.

Edit 11/22 Finished the novel and it is awesome and an A++; more thoughts on Goodreads but full of spoilers for the Spirit Lens since any discussion of this book will be that way; full rv in due time and for now just the link to avoid spoilers.


In March, the sequel to the excellent debut Secrets of the Sands (FBC Rv) by Leona Wisoker comes from Mercury Retrograde Press. Again the blurb for Guardians of the Desert is spoilerish for the first installment, so I will include only the link to the publisher page for more details. This one is another high expectations novel of mine and the first several pages pick up with gusto from where Secrets of the Sands ended.


In February, a debut that has some similarities in style and content with Carol Berg's previous series the Lighthouse Duet, comes also from Mercury Retrograde Press.

The Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish is the first installment of her The Way of the Gods series. Here is the link to the publisher's page for more information and a sample chapter and the blurb:

"A Man Cannot Deny the Gods

Ten years ago, Ellion violated a sacred rule of magic and brought tragedy on his family. Forced to abandon his throne, exiled from the holy Aballo Order of wizards, and severed from his patron goddess, he swore never to work magic again. He retreated into music and a bard's footlose existence: living in other men's kingdoms, singing of other men's victories.

A Man Cannot Escape Destiny

But then the ard-righ, the king of kings, is murdered in an act of insurrection by a rogue wizard who follows the old gods. As the human nations teeter on the verge of chaos and civil war, Ellion tries to slip even farther away to the Tanaan realms, only to discover that they are threatened by the same enemy.

A Man Cannot Hide from the Shadow of the Sun

Now Ellion finds himself the protector of Letitia: a Tanaan princess, daughter of one of the greatest Tanaan heroines, and unwitting key to a great arcane mystery. Pursued by the rogue wizard's minions, enticed by gods he was taught to forswear, challenged by his former mentor, and tempted by the most enchanting woman he has ever encountered, Ellion must battle his faith, his vows, and the darkness his soul yearns to tap as he races to unravel the secret of the rogue's power: the Shadow of the Sun."

Edit 11/22

I finished the novel and The Shadow of the Sun is not quite what I am interested in - starts great but after a while it becomes "my magic is bigger than your magic" and I kind of lost interest though I turned the pages and fast read them to the end; very traditional fantasy and not bad if you like such, but not really what I appreciate; unlikely to be interested in the sequel.

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