Friday, January 7, 2011

5 inch strappy Buffalo sandals - barefeet

5 inch strappy sandals
5 inch strappy Buffalo sandals
Just a short post for all lovers of bare feet in strappy high heel sandals ;). As it is actually not the right time for wearing sandals barefeet - this is something special I just thought I have to post these photos for you...
A friend of mine just bought this amazing 5 inch high sandals as her new ballroom-shoes. When trying them on at home I just took some photos of her wearing her new shoes. They are 5 inch high strappy sandals from Buffalo (they really make cool high heels) with a half inch high platform wich makes them very comfortable. She is used to high heels but still has to practice a bit dancing with them ;). Maybe I can show you some photos of her wearing these heels at the ball next weekend.
Hope you like her feet and high heels, too.

High Heeled Greetings & Kisses
- Vivian

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