Sunday, January 2, 2011

Classic Red Stiletto Pumps and Fishnet Stockings....

Pumps, Stockings, Corset

classic red stiletto pumps

long legs and red stiletto pumps

classic red stiletto pumps and fishnet stockings
Happy new year on my High Heels Blog!! Hope all of you had great holidays so far?! For the first post in 2011 - here are some detailed photos of my red high heels show on my last post. They are 4.5 inch classic red stiletto pumps from Seduce. As the are not very high - they are comfortable for partying a whole night out without getting hurting feet. In glossy red leather these pumps are really eye-catchers ;). Especially together with fishnet-stockings and a quite short mini-skirt like I wear it on this photos. It's always nice to see men looking down my legs and then their look gets stuck on my shoes ;). Although my feet look really small on these photos - my shoe-size is a european 37.5 - which is a US 7 (I guess 50% of all women have my size - so I'm actually a "standard woman).

Happy high-heeled New Years Greetings
- Vivian

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