Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to the new Fantasy Book Critic!!!

It’s been over four years since I first started Fantasy Book Critic. Since then, the website has grown and evolved in ways that I never imagined. For one, what began as an outlet for a single person’s opinions is now a venue for many different voices. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg :) Considering all of the changes that the website has undergone over the years, we decided it was time to come up with a new look. Something a little more sleeker and more organized, but still unmistakably Fantasy Book Critic.

So thanks to Anton, the awesome designer from GameSiteTemplates, Cindy, Liviu, Mihir and everyone else involved in the template’s installation and indexing FBC’s content, we are proud to introduce the new Fantasy Book Critic!

To ensure greater organization, the new website now offers links to individual pages indexing Fantasy Book Critic’s vast amount of content, including Book Reviews, Interviews, Monthly Spotlights and much more. We’ve also introduced a new feature: a comprehensive list of Upcoming Book Releases that extends from April 2011 all the way through December 2011 and beyond. FBC’s contact information and Review Policy can be found under the Contact Us section, while details about the website and the individuals who make up Fantasy Book Critic can be found in the About Us section. Finally, we are in the process of updating our Blogroll so if you have a website/blog that you would like us to add, please leave a comment below or email us HERE.

From all of us here at FBC, we hope you enjoy the new Fantasy Book Critic. Thank you for your support and much love & respect...

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