Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NEWS: Fantasy Author Alan Campbell Self-Publishes the novella “Lye Street”!

Back in 2008, Subterranean Press published “Lye Street”, a 26,000 word novella which serves as a prequel to Alan Campbell’s fantasy debut, Scar Night, the opening volume of The Deepgate Codex. “Lye Street” is described as follows:

The Greene family is cursed. Every fifty years Deepgate's scarred angel, Carnival, returns to murder another descendant. Now, five hundred years after the first victim's death, Sal Greene is facing his own doom. His time has almost run out. In a desperate attempt to break the chain of violence and save his family, he summons a demon to the chained city: a warrior he hopes is powerful enough to stand against the angel.

Yet the creature which arrives in Deepgate is not quite the legendary mercenary Sal Greene was expecting...

Unfortunately, “Lye Street” was only available in limited edition with a little over 2000 copies printed and has been long sold out. Thanks to popular demand, Alan Campbell has decided to explore the option of self-publishing  and is offering “Lye Street” as an eBook for the measly price of $0.99. “Lye Street” is currently available in Kindle edition HERE and will be available in ePub format in the near future. At only $0.99, this is quite a deal folks! Not only is “Lye Street” a neat little story all by itself—Read FBC’s Review HERE—but it’s also a great introduction to Alan Campbell and The Deepgate Codex. Plus, the novella also includes an excerpt from Alan Campbell’s awesome new book, Sea of Ghosts (Reviewed HERE).

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