Friday, June 10, 2011

“The Watchers” Video & Giveaway (Part Two)!!!

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In support of the June 9, 2011 UK Hardcover publication of Jon Steele’s The Watchers (priced £12.99) via Bantam Press, Fantasy Book Critic is hosting a series of videos that discuss the different locations found in the book. The first video, posted HERE, talked about Lake Geneva. Today’s video, which covers LP’s Bar, can be found below, followed by a small explanation from the author, Jon Steele:

I had done four straight months on the front lines of the Intifada for ITN in 2000. I was ordered to take time off and get away. A friend who ran the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, had a friend who ran a hotel in Lausanne. He told me, ‘I’m sending you to the Palace Hotel in Lausanne.’ A few days later I landed at Geneva, shell shocked and worn out. A limo was waiting and carried me to Lausanne. Afnan Taha (my partner in crime on the front line, and now wife) was with me. She began to cry because it was peaceful and green. We had rooms with views of the lake and stepping out on the balcony of my room for the first time, I cried too. After the dusty, tear-gassed, slaughterhouse world of the Intifada, Lausanne looked to be all that was left of paradise.

Down in LP’s Bar, I met people who would become friends and whose names I would blatantly steal as names of characters for the book. It is one of the great hotels and bars, run by one of the world’s great hôteliers. And everyone in it, from bartender to piano player kept me going with encouragement and love. And often refilled my glass at no charge whilst I sat at the bar scribbling way. I told them I was going to write a book set in Lausanne, they took it as a promise…and they never let me forget I had made it.”

In addition to the videos, Bantam Press has agreed to give away ONE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Jon Steele’s The Watchers for each video, for a total of SEVEN WINNERS. All you have to do is leave a comment in the post, or send an email to with your Name, Mailing Address, and the subject: WATCHERS. However, to double your chances of winning, link this post or one of the videos on your blog, Facebook, Twitter page, etc., and you will be entered TWICE! The giveaway is open to Anyone and the seven winners will be randomly selected after the last video is posted on Friday, June 17. Thank you for entering and Good Luck!

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