Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 inch suede high heels

5 inch suede high heels

5 inch suede high heel sandals barefeet...

Just a short update - showing you my newest pair of high heels. As we now have summer-sale l bought myself some really nice shoes ;). They are nearly 5 inch (12cm) high heels with an 0.5 inch inbuilt platform - which makes them actually just 4.5 inch high and really comfortable. It's imitation suede with a satin lining and a rubber sole - nothing special, but nice classic strappy summer high heel sandals for everyday. They are open toe shoes - a bit like peep toes - showing 3 toes - this time with a golden-orange nail-polish ;).

Sorry that there is just one pic - but i just took it in the shoe shop with my phone ;).

High heeled greetings and kisses
- Vivian

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