Monday, July 4, 2011

New high heel sandals

4.5 inch sandals and stockings

high heels, stockings and toes

stockings, legs, toes and high heels

Just a short posting to show you my newest pair of heels. 4.5 inch high black strappy high heel sandals ;).
as a lot of my high heels and stockings blog readers wanted to see some pix of my toes, well here they are ;). Still no barefeet photos but you can clearly see my toes and french style nails through the stockings.

actually normally I don't wear stockings in sandals - but as I the weather is currently not as warm as it should be you sometimes have to break your rules if you would like to wear your new shoes ;)!!! But maybe i should try some nude stockings instead of the black ones with these high heel sandals?! Although I really like the seam in the back - seems like I can't have everything at the same time?

what do you think about stockings in sandals?

wish you a nice start of the week - best high heeled greetings & kisses
- Vivian

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