Saturday, October 29, 2011

Men's shoes fashion for the office

Offices around the country, now welcome the workers dressed in more casual than traditional smart. Whether you use a 3 piece suit or jeans and a shirt, shoes have the most fashionable men have to shore through the office this year:

1. Classic Black Oxford
You can not go far wrong with classic Oxford lace. Five eyelet, bright polished, sensible heel and forefoot make this pair of shoes a must-have for every man's shoe. The perfect shoe to complete the stylish look of each suit of an appropriate color, the classic Oxford is a classic gentleman and a season for many to come, if not all stations.

2. Tan leather sandals
Offering a more distinguished look to the classic Oxford choice, brown leather botos are so elegant and so vital to your shoe. An ideal addition to your costume brown or blue, brown leather botos also be dressed by a number of looks. The type of accent

3. Boots
If your office is more relaxed than 1970's the traditional workplace gray suits, gray ties and gray faces - attempting to use work boots. They go perfectly with skinny jeans and can be used in a less casual than the name suggests. Very popular with young stars, pop fashion, you can also look great in a pair of leather boots.

4. Winkle pickers
The skinny jean look rock star could have been and gone in recent years, but that does not mean they did not leave a lasting impression. The best thing to come out of this phenomenon in the UK was the 1950 revival of the classic shell collectors. Giving a nervous glance at his business suit or a touch of style to the scruffy jeans, shell collectors are adaptable, viable and more importantly fresh.

5. Tennis shoes
"Plimsoll" The word can bring back the memories of elastic black shoes the main school physical education classes. However, shoes are ugly and unpleasant thing of the past. If you go on any street shop footwear high, you see rows and rows of shoes. With so many styles to choose from, you can choose a color, material or design to suit every aspect of your wardrobe. The Plimsoll can only be used in a casual office space, but for those who do, it's the perfect way to add some of your own personality to your team.

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