Friday, November 4, 2011

"Betrayal" by Tim Marquitz (by Mihir Wanchoo)

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Tim Marquitz had surprised me when I first read his debut “Armageddon Bound” nearly two years ago, since then he has released Sepulchral Earth (a post-apocalyptic novella series featuring a necromancer), Skulls ( a YA book about a kid with an addiction of sorts) and Dawn Of War (the first in a dark epic fantasy trilogy) and has quickly become a favorite of mine. He has also released the sequel to Armageddon Bound which was better than its predecessor and set things up nicely for the third book At The Gates.

At the Gates is being released on the first of December and so until then fans can read the first and second chapters over at Bastard's & Lincoln Crisler’s blogs. Tim also decided to mix things up by giving us a look into the mind of a character other than Frank, so he has written and released a small story titled Betrayal which is set in between the events of Resurrection & At the Gates featuring the angel Scarlett.

So for all folks who can’t get enough of the Demon Squad universe hop over to Tim’s blog wherein you can read the whole story for free and if you like, download it in the format of your choice (PDF, Epub, Mobi). Please be warned if you haven’t read Resurrection (Demon Squad book II) then Betrayal might spoil the book’s epilogue a bit. However this short story does an excellent job of setting up the events which form the crux of the plot of At The Gates (Demon Squad book III). Also as an extra surprise for his fans, in all the featured download formats, there’s a Frank prequel short story titled Prohibition Black and Blues which is set in the 1920s Chicago wherein Frank seems to be mixing with the mobsters of yore.

I’ll be reviewing At The Gates before its release and until then you can check both these wonderful stories over here. Lastly for those who are interested, Tim along with Jasper Kent & Lincoln Crisler, is participating in a round table discussion over at the SFFWorld forums so feel free to drop in a question or two if it catches your fancy!

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