Thursday, November 3, 2011

comfortable shoes or high heels

Platform shoes are high heeled shoes with thick soles often made of cork, plastic, rubber or wood. What sets the other platform shoes high heel shoes is that they have both thick soles and high heels. Platform shoes therefore considered more comfortable than traditional high-heeled shoes because their feet are not as wide an angle when standing in them.

The current fashion trends, very high platform heels are associated with adult entertainment industry. Professional dancers strippers, pole and back are often seen in platform heels during their performances. Medium heel platform shoes are very popular among teenagers and women in their twenties in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Platform shoes are the first, said they have used in ancient Greece to increase the height of important characters in Greek drama. These were also used by prostitutes and courtesans in Venice in the 16th century. Though platform heels gained some popularity in the U.S., the UK and European countries between 1930 and early 1950, his popularity increased considerably in 1970 and 1980. Rock musicians frequently wore platform shoes during their performances. Take on the trend, children had to draw attention. In late 1990, the band sensation in the UK - Spice Girls - brought platform shoes high heel back into mainstream fashion as they frequently performed in large shoes.

Colors and models available online

sexy platform shoes are available in almost every color imaginable and in a host of exquisite designs. At reputed online shoe stores can be found platform shoes to suit a variety of tastes, moods, attitudes and occasions. Browse through the online catalog and you will find platform heels adorning the soles of almost all types of shoes ranging from sandals, sling backs, pumps, Mary Jane pumps, knee-high boots, and shoes peep toe closed, sandals and more. The heel height shoes usually range from mid-heel to skyscrapers.

The platform shoes colors vary from a sober to funky. The colors are commonly seen black patent, white patent leather, patent leather red, silver, blue, pink, brown, blue, yellow, platform shoes, etc. in various colors and two colors are also popular. Platform shoes with heels of course, wooden soles (called clogs), and hidden heels are also very popular these days.

Advantages of platforms high heels

Platform shoes are a definite advantage for women who love to wear heels, but find it difficult to balance in thin soled stilettos on end. Platform heels that offer all the advantages of high heels, but with the comfort of the apartments. Platform shoes with hidden heels also an advantage for women who are shorter, but want to look taller.

Heel platform shoes are available in a wide range of fashionable designs and colors that especially suit the fun-loving teenagers and girls in their twenties. Platform shoes with very high heels make a sex appeal and the latter are preferred shoes of women in the adult entertainment industry.

Disadvantages of high platform shoes

When women wear platform shoes, high heels, are in the very real risk of falling. Even super model Naomi Campbell had to bear this disadvantage during a fashion show once.

Doctors warn against platform shoes, as they involve the risk of developing flat feet, because the ligaments and muscles remain idle while walking in platform shoes. Platform shoes are not considered suitable for women drivers. This is because you can not feel the effect of pressure on the pedal, while you are wearing platform shoes.

Which is better - a high-heeled platform shoes or high heels?

Both platform shoes high heels and other high heels carry certain advantages and disadvantages. While high heel stilettos are currently a rage in mainstream fashion, platform shoes high heels are still a favorite of teenagers and young women who like to flaunt their attitude of fun-loving.

You can find a multitude of high platform shoes and other high-heeled shoes in a shoe store online fashion. You can buy high heels, stilettos or shoes either high-heeled platform shoes, high heel platform of your choice depending on the attitude and the dress you want to take with. Designer shoes were full platform can easily be a costume designer or a classic shirt dress and look as good in the short women both highs and lows.

Why high platform heels?

All fashionable young women in the UK and the U.S. will invariably have a pair of sexy high heels on the platform. Platform shoes with high heels add up to women and make them look taller. Teenagers and women in their 20ies especially go for platform shoes as these are much more friendly and easy to walk compared to other high-heeled shoes.

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