Monday, November 7, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Aria eclectic art and just returned to town after spending a year abroad and at the same time trying to deny the feeling of sorrow for the indiscretion of his father Byron with one of his former students of the university, and support his mother, Ella, to find, can not ignore the intense chemistry with Ezra Fitz - Aria's English teacher. Once-chubby Hanna has become the current "It Girl", but still fighting the urge to eat compulsively. Shoplifting gives less fattening emotion, but when caught, the charges are dismissed only because her mother, Ashley, takes matters into his own hands, eager to maintain their own reputation and image of his daughter without blemish . Spencer is a perfectionist and straight-A student whose pressure to excel in her overachieving family leaves you feeling lonely ... until it finds understanding in the most unlikely of places - the arms of her sister's boyfriend. Emily, an athlete trying to find their place in the world, attracted to his new neighbor, Maya, a free spirit who recently moved to the old house on the street Alison. When each girl receives a message referencing these private details that barely scratch the surface of what they are desperate to keep hidden, living in their picturesque suburban community suddenly seems far from perfect as secrets, lies and betrayals threaten everything appreciate it.

pretty little liars-61pretty little liars-61
pretty little liars-62pretty little liars-62
pretty little liars-63pretty little liars-63
pretty little liars-64pretty little liars-64
pretty little liars-65pretty little liars-65
pretty little liars-66pretty little liars-66
pretty little liars-67pretty little liars-67
pretty little liars-68pretty little liars-68
pretty little liars-69pretty little liars-69
pretty little liars-70pretty little liars-70
pretty little liars-71pretty little liars-71
pretty little liars-72pretty little liars-72
pretty little liars-73pretty little liars-73
pretty little liars-74pretty little liars-74
pretty little liars-75pretty little liars-75
pretty little liars-76pretty little liars-76
pretty little liars-77pretty little liars-77
pretty little liars-78pretty little liars-78
pretty little liars-79pretty little liars-79
pretty little liars-80pretty little liars-80
pretty little liars-81pretty little liars-81
pretty little liars-82pretty little liars-82
pretty little liars-83pretty little liars-83
pretty little liars-84pretty little liars-84
pretty little liars-85pretty little liars-85
pretty little liars-86pretty little liars-86
pretty little liars-87pretty little liars-87
pretty little liars-88pretty little liars-88
pretty little liars-89pretty little liars-89
pretty little liars-90pretty little liars-90
pretty little liars-91pretty little liars-91
pretty little liars-92pretty little liars-92
pretty little liars-93pretty little liars-93
pretty little liars-94pretty little liars-94
pretty little liars-95pretty little liars-95
pretty little liars-96pretty little liars-96
pretty little liars-97pretty little liars-97
pretty little liars-98pretty little liars-98
pretty little liars-99pretty little liars-99
pretty little liars-100pretty little liars-100
pretty little liars-101pretty little liars-101
pretty little liars-102pretty little liars-102
pretty little liars-103pretty little liars-103
pretty little liars-104pretty little liars-104
pretty little liars-105pretty little liars-105
pretty little liars-106pretty little liars-106
pretty little liars-107pretty little liars-107
pretty little liars-108pretty little liars-108
pretty little liars-109pretty little liars-109
pretty little liars-110pretty little liars-110
pretty little liars-111pretty little liars-111
pretty little liars-112pretty little liars-112
pretty little liars-113pretty little liars-113
pretty little liars-114pretty little liars-114
pretty little liars-115pretty little liars-115
pretty little liars-116pretty little liars-116
pretty little liars-117pretty little liars-117
pretty little liars-118pretty little liars-118
pretty little liars-119pretty little liars-119
pretty little liars-120pretty little liars-120

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