Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Most people think of the book series when they hear the phrase Pretty Little Liars, and would not be wrong. The books introduced this intriguing story to the public, but it was not thought of it that way.

Originally, entertainment, alloy wheels, though they themselves are a book packaging company, had to sell the rights to what was originally intended as a television program the author Sara Shepard in 2006, and only after the series had been printing, they found the popularity he needed to make your way on television. It was written and published by HarperTeen between 2006 and 2010, and books in order, Pretty Little Liars, flawless, perfect, incredible and Wicked.

In response to its success, the story in its original form (TV script) was picked up by ABC Family a 10-episode first season, which was again due to the success of the series, quickly extended for another 12 episodes complete the first season of 22 episodes.

The story itself is simple (for those familiar with the teen drama genre, at least), and revolves around a gang of girls that friendship collapsed when its leader, if you will, mysteriously disappeared. Her name was Alison, and when they begin receiving messages from someone calling herself "A", and when the startup messages threatening to expose their innermost secrets (those who thought that only Alison knew), things begin to warm up.

While critical comments were mixed (the program is not intended to please them, after all, but rather girls 12-16 years) show cleaned up at this year's Teen Choice Awards.

Pretty Little Liars: a great success on American television

June 8, 2010 marked the debut of Pretty Little Liars on American television, a show is based on the series of novels written by Sara Shepard with the same title. The series is set in the town of Rosewood and revolve around the lives of four girls: Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (played by Shay Mitchell), Spencer Hastings (Trojan Bellisario) and Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale). The four girls used to be good friends, however, when the queen bee DiLaurentis Alison (played by Sasha Pieterse) disappears, his clique falls apart. One year after the disappearance of Alison, a mysterious figure called "A" starts sending messages from the girls threatens to reveal their secrets, only Alison could know.

Each of the girls has their own personality and struggles with his personal conflict. Hanna, who was chubby before, became the new "it" girl of the school after Alison disappeared. But as the series develops, is reconciled with his old friends and become less interested in being popular. Committed and loyal are words that best describe Emily. When a new family moves into the former home of Alison, Emily became friends with the daughter of the new residents and realizes that she is attracted to this new girl. Spencer comes from a wealthy family and is represented as an additional merit. She is constantly compared and live under the shadow of his older sister, Melissa. After spending a year in Iceland, Aria and her family back to Rosewood. His father had an affair with his pupil that is known about Aria and to support his mother. Aria was found in a similar situation with her father when she became romantically involved with Ezra Fitz (played by Ian Harding), their new English teacher.

The premiere of Pretty Little Liars holds the record for ABC debut as the highest-rated series through the demographics of your target. Some 2.47 million viewers watched the premiere of the series making it number two in total viewers schedule. And in the Teen Choice Award for 2010, the series received the award for Choice TV summer.

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