Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Cover Snapshot of my Current Reading List (by Liviu Suciu)

As the 2011 Recommended List in Covers was fairly popular I decided to offer a cover snapshot of what I am reading today. From the books above I read at least a little in all but one I just got, while I read a fair amount in a few of them.

For example, I read parts 3 and 1 in Kokoro in that order and I have to read only part 2 to finish it; I also read more than half from the huge Los Asesinos del Emperador novel and it goes a little slower as my Spanish is only so-so while the book is a little less compelling than the author's awesome Scipio Trilogy, while Alain Robbe Grillet's Topology of a Phantom City is a haunting short visual read that I slowly savor.

The books are a mix of old, new and upcoming, genre sff and associational, to historical fiction, to pure literary stuff like the Romanian language "Provizorat" of Gabriela Adamesteanu (which I would translate as "Temporary" or "Temporary State"), the posthumous Third Reich of Robert Bolano just out in English, or the classic 1914 Japanese tale Kokoro by Natsume Soseki.

Of course this is just a snapshot as new books of great interest come in, but I think that I will read most of the 24 titles above, while also noting that this is just the tip of my large reading pile of books I have, so especially books from new authors have to clear quite a high hurdle to be considered...

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