Tuesday, January 3, 2012

News about the Demon Cycle saga by Peter V. Brett ( By Mihir Wanchoo)

(Photo Credit: Peter V. Brett)

At Fantasy Book Critic, Liviu and me are big fans of Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series. The first book The Painted Man was something of a book of the year for me. The author soon followed it up with The Desert Spear and the sequel built upon its predecessor’s premise and also doubled the POV list. The book’s ending made the next book seem very promising however the next book wasn’t complete and 2012 was tentatively floated around as a publication date of sorts but it was never confirmed. The writing however took its own time and around the same time the author also had to contend with health issues which reduced his writing speed.

So it was to my pleasure when I saw Peter blog about it and give out a release date of sorts for The Daylight War, the third book in the series. The current date heralded by the author is February 4, 2013. While it does seem a bit far away fans need not despair, along with the date proclamation. Peter also revealed a bunch of stuff about his series namely clearing the air about it not being a trilogy but a quintet. Also after the series gets over there will be a sixth book featuring a minor character called Selia Barren and is tentatively titled “Tibbet’s Brook”. To quote Peter it is basically “Selia’s life story and how it affects her decisions in the present as she contends with corelings, Krasians, and the growing power of Southwatch, all while wrestling the demons of her own past.”

Following the pattern of his previous novellas "The Great Bazaar" and "Brayan's Gold" there will be another novella out which is tentatively called “Mudboy” and features the titular character who originally was part of the Daylight War storyline however the author felt the character deserved his own story and hence the novella. There will be other novellas released in between the books and more information will revealed as time passes.

The remaining books in the Demon Cycle saga have the following titles and all of them are subject to change:
- The Forest Fortress [4th book of the Demon Cycle]
- The Core [5th book of the Demon Cycle and series end]
- Tibbet’s Brook [ 6th book in the series and a standalone work]

With such wonderful news being revealed I can’t wait to read the next book and novella and see where Peter plans to take the reader next in his demon infested world.

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