Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book 5 of the Superb Empire of Man series by John Ringo and David Weber is Finally in the Works (by Liviu Suciu)

Read all four series books to date HERE.

A bit unexpected but quite an exciting tidbit has been reported in various places a few days ago.

John Ringo just had an announcement that he completed - finally, after years of constant bugging - the synopsis for the 5th Prince Roger (Empire of Man) novel which goes now to David Weber for tweaks/approval/etc and hopefully in 2-3 years we will have the book.

So I just reread the first 4 books (March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars, We Few) and I remembered again how much I love this series - the combination of interstellar intrigue and space battles (first 100 pages of March Upcountry, last 100 pages of March to the Stars and all of We Few) and the action on the primitive planet of Marduk with the superb world building, fascinating cultures, crazy battles on land and on sea and dangerous fauna (March Upcountry from page 100 on till last 100 pages of March to the Stars).

I plan to have a review of the series here soon as incidentally I plan to review soon another David Weber series that has been moving again after an 8 years hiatus (Bazhell or War God's Own series where the 4th book, War Maid's Choice is due in July but available now to buy as an e-arc HERE).

But just as a hint why the Empire of Man series is so good, I would mention memorable characters and wrenching moments - in every book at least one "main" character dies and only a few survive from the almost 200 that are marooned on Marduk, while of course in We Few this continues, though also new important characters are introduced in each book.

While We Few ends on a great note and closes the arc of the first 4 novels decisively, as Mr. Ringo put it, our main hero Prince Roger "has promises to keep" from the previous books so it is time to fulfill them and of course there is the little matter of the civil war he inherits...

Anyway the first 4 books are free at the Baen CD place on any newer CD like the one for Mission of Honor and I am really looking forward to the next books whenever they will be out - I kind of doubted for a long time that there will be more and while I sure wanted that, the first 4 books have enough closure to keep me happy but now I am really excited as this series is on par with the best out there.

As Mr. Ringo puts it colorfully (see here):

"-I recently reread the series. When I got done I walked into the living room and growled at Miriam. 'These God Damned writers! How can they just LEAVE it that way! Roger has PROMISES TO KEEP! WHERE THE HELL IS THE SEQUEL!!!!?'"

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