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SERIES UPDATE: The Blood Gospel Series by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell (By Mihir Wanchoo)

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(Author photo credit: David Sylvian and Rebecca Cantrell)

I had first heard about the Blood Gospel series back in 2009 when it was first reported as a collaborative effort between James Rollins and Sarah Langan. There wasn't much information online to be found about it but the combination of thriller [James Rollins] and horror [Sarah Langan] writers made it something to watch out for.

However in the latter half of 2010, news trickled out that Sarah Langan was no longer a part of the project, details were still pretty sketchy however Amazon UK & Book Depository has quite a preliminary description for it:

"Deep beneath the Vatican lies the holy Necropolis and its miles of labyrinthine catacombs. These dark, open tombs mark the final refuge for persecuted Christians from the beginning years A.D. Here rest the bones of St. Peter, along with countless other Saints and martyrs of early Christendom. Though these men are gone, their good and evil deeds have not interred with their bones. Their secrets, forgotten through the millennia, are about to be discovered. Far beneath the holy Necropolis, buried in catacombs deeper, far deeper, than the Saints, is a dark, wet city where sunlight never filters. Here dwell a people whose very existence is a mystery as great as death itself: the Sect of the Sanguines. In the darkness, they watch and wait for their orders, knowing they must one day surface into daylight. In times of crisis, the Sect are sent far and wide as the Church's emissaries: to secure artifacts; to mediate dangerous negotiations, and to fight battles. Rarely do their opponents realize they've brushed against creatures both ancient and eternal. daylight. Their order is as old as Christ, and their mission just as cataclysmic..."

The Blood Gospel series is currently listed as a trilogy but I’m sure that there will be more books planned beyond a trilogy. I’m hoping that there will be more information revealed as we get nearer to the eventual release later this year. However one important piece of info was recently revealed by James Rollins in regards to his new collaborator, Rebecca Cantrell is the author who will be lending her talent to this project. I haven’t read any of her work but I’m going to play catch up with her books until the release of the first Blood Gospel book. She currently has a historical series set in 1930s Berlin featuring a character called Hannah Vogel. There are currently three books out and the fourth book in the series titled “A City of Broken Glass” will be released on July 17, 2012.

I can’t wait to read and glean more information about this exciting collaborative effort and so further news will be posted as it trickles in…

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