Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post: Dragoneers Saga Answers from my Twitter DM box by M. R. Mathias

Dragoneers Saga Answers from my twitter DM box.
When I published The First Dragoneer I had no idea what I was doing. The Sword and the Dragon was getting a small amount of attention, but no one wanted to invest $8.88 in an unknown author. I put The First Dragoneer out as a free sample of my writing, and even though it wasn’t perfect, it was pretty cool.
People started to pay attention then.
Fast forward to now. When people read book one of The Dragoneer Saga – The Royal Dragoneers, they wonder why March and Brendly from the free novella, are not there. This has caused several folks to growl and snarl at me. Well to clear this matter up, I am here to tell you that Marcherion, “The First Dragoneer” was in fact flying across continents on the back of his dragon, Blaze the whole time Jenka, Zahrellion, Rikky, and their dragons were battling Gravelbone in book one.
In Cold Hearted Son of a Witch – Book II,  The fifth Dragoneer also arrives, and together 5 dragons with 5 riders try and win the day.
I’ll not even start to tease you about book III – The Confliction, which came out a few months ago.
The next Dragoneer issue that people flood my twitter DM box with questions about is Crimzon & Clover and how the two adventurers fit in with the Dragoneers.

This is easier. The Crimzon & Clover Short Story Series is now 4 episodes long and growing. A few hundred years after Clover (a human woman’s) life has ended, her dragon Crimzon still lives. Clover and her big red wyrm battled the sarax long before the Dragoneers do. I can say no more because it will spoil all the fun.

Oh, and if Liviu, and Mihir will let me, I’d like to slip in a “Mickey”  …well a “Mik” in this case. The fully revised edition of The Sword and the Dragon became available for kindle and their apps today. It is FREE for Prime members.
Thank you for your time, M. R. Mathias aka @dahgmahn

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