Thursday, October 27, 2011

The latest news on Jennifer Lopez at Kohl

Did you know you can get your own piece of Jennifer Lopez at Kohl? In late 2010, J. Lo and her then-husband Marc Anthony told the world that you are creating your own clothing and accessories line for the seller, but it seems that everything would be on the rocks when they announced their split recently. Fortunately for all fashion lovers out there, it seems they are still ready to launch its line despite his personal separation. So you will still be able to get the line of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in Kohl.

There are no plans to cancel line of clothing and accessories from Jennifer Lopez to Kohl

Despite initial fears that the launch of the Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez at Kohl would not take place, seems to be willing to put business above his personal feelings aside to implement this business very lucrative. But it seems to be a slight modification, with the launch of two out of their own individual lines rather than a joint effort. Well, the conclusion is, who cares? J. We will take care of the ladies wear and that's what matters.

Despite his previous label go under because of the unpopularity of 2006, it appears that Kohl is more than willing to give a second chance to break into the fashion world. Kohl Jennifer Lopez should learn from the mistakes of the previous effort, which was plagued by criticisms of being too expensive and not deliver quality front. Well, it seems that it was not her fault, after all, and because of their lack of experience who was caught in "decisions and situations that reflect your personal tastes."

Now that you're more experienced, you're chomping at the bit for another chance to launch their own label, in collaboration with Kohl. She has a partner, Tommy Hilfiger, involved with it too, so this should be much more of a blow from his previous Sweetface brand. I do not know about you, but I'm very excited about the launch of this new label from Jennifer Lopez to Kohl. I've always been a big fan of his style and fashion sense, so I'll catch up with you in stores when it launches officially Kohl.

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