Thursday, October 27, 2011

Women's Shoes - Red High Heels

Red is perceived by many as the color of passion and love. In some cultures, it also means wealth and prosperity and red clothing is sometimes used to symbolize the presence of wealth. On the other hand, the color red is also the danger or to indicate the need to leave the red light at traffic lights.

As such, red heels can indicate a position of power and even sex appeal. When you use a black dress with black heels is the formal and very corporate. Contrast this with the same black suit, but with red heels. The signal emitted by the trust in a formal setting. For this reason, red heels are one of the most attractive combinations of color and style of women's shoes on the market today.

Of course there are different types of high heels. You can find fingers closed heels and heels strips for all occasions. Basically you will notice that the versions of strips are much more suited to semi-formal occasions such as dinner dates, etc. Closed types are much more of a proxy statement and is often used by women with confidence to the office. Peep-toe high heels are another option for those who want the appearance of being a bit more subdued. Again, the shade of red has also contributes to the impact of the look. In fact, even the material the shoe is made makes a difference in color. A red patent leather shoe has a high shine and stand out clearly that the same shade of red suede will look much smoother.

Red heels can be very flattering when used with many colors. Using a needle with red straps to spend a night at the opera or the theater are taught very sophisticated look to any outfit you are wearing that is free for the Reds. You can wear these heels with skirt suits, pantsuits, dresses, clothing and such. From the flowing materials such as organza stiffer, costumes made of these materials will look perfect with red heels.

There are also high-heeled shoes with crystals and other embellishments such as pearls and ribbons. You can also find high-heeled red shoes for the wedding that look great when combined with a wedding dress that is embroidered iridescent red or small buttons, even on them. Some brides have been known to couple a pair of red high heels with a white dress to make a statement or simply to show some personality, while "White Wedding." The bridesmaids can also wear red high heels to provide a marked contrast to their bridesmaids dresses. Can be used with equipment bridesmaids pink or black.

Red heels are a perfect complement for many teams used in both formal and non formal occasions. It can enhance the look of a team and bring some element of fun in clothes. Every woman should have a pair of red heels in his collection to embrace the color and have fun with it.

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