Monday, October 31, 2011

Pretties review

Perfect beauty, endless party, and fun all - it seems like the ideal dream life and I wish the greatest of all. This sequel to grip by Scott Westerfeld Uglies suggests otherwise. In this exciting futuristic science fiction novel, discovers the unpleasant truth Westerfeld that comes with a "perfect" life, and questions the value of surface perfection.

Tally Youngblood, the protagonist, is a stunningly beautiful, newly transformed "Pretty". She has sunken eyes, the vulnerable and soft lips, complete with the Olympus muscles strong and unbreakable ceramic teeth. This is the result of an operation that transforms an attractive teenager, an adult common superficially perfect. Tally is brave, a natural leader, and somehow manages to run constantly in and escape problems. Her boyfriend, Zane, is the only one who seems to understand. He's a bit exotic in comparison with other pretties, with more extreme characteristics than the others, and his hair dyed blue ink calligraphy. Zane is a risk taker, a trouble maker, and a rebel, who is not afraid to follow what he believes, no matter what the cost might be. One of the best friends of Tally is Shay, who is carefree and giddy, until he remembers a few days betrayal becomes ugly and cold and insensitive. In the midst of this perfect life, however, is a secret society known as the police mysterious circumstances, which keeps a close eye on the community of Bonita and keeps a check on the intelligence and independence of its members. This organization is headed by the antagonist of clear mind, Dr. Cable. Its beauty is fierce and cruel, the intent to intimidate detainees. Its construction is speed and strength, with lightning-fast reflexes. "Humanity is a cancer," she said, and secured to stop them from dividing into something unmanageable.

In pretties, Tally has finally come of age to undergo the operation that transforms into a beautiful flawless physical. Your new look starts the moment of his life countless parties and hitting, exciting hot air ballooning and bungee jumping, and an ice rink in the air. Moreover, an ugly past has led adventurous leadership of the best gang in the city. It seems that all that the naive Tally wished, from his days as a child at the stage of awkward, ugly preceding surgery. However, an adventure through the beautiful City of New Zane brings out in a letter he had written to herself as an ugly and not so pretty truth behind this operation, the improvement of flood back to her. During the operation that turns sixteen year old in a beautiful, the message reminds, surgeons insert small lesions in the patient's brain. This makes all constantly pretties widespread mentality, peaceful, docile and obedient. Being reminded of this terrible truth, Tally embarks on another adventure with Zane: a fight to clear his mind and realize your true self.


This novel is set in the future, at a time when the human species now extinct, and other highly developed human being has taken place. Most of the novel takes place in New Pretty Town, the city pretties community has recently changed. The city is built for entertainment, fancy dress and white tie events, jackets elastic and balloon rides. The novel begins with a mood of confusion of content, however, strangely out of place, excited, but overwhelmed with a feeling of injustice. This sense of evil is gradually transformed into an uncomfortable feeling of being under the supervision and monitoring, leading to strange and dangerous encounters.

Pretties was a captivating novel containing adhesive. From its exciting entertainment adventure full of suspense that keeps the reader turning pages until the end of the story. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld deserves a rating of four stars for its exciting plot and complete descriptions and unique. It has a great story that could reflect the future of Earth.

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