Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pretty | Princess Cinderella Edition

The Pretty, Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition board game is the last line of princess dress up games and has three differences with the version of Sleeping Beauty before. Here's what they are for you to decide which game Pretty Pretty Princess is right for your daughter. Some people have a favorite princess, some just want fresh jewelry, find the following differences.

1. Glass Slipper game pieces: Probably the biggest difference with this game is that instead of moving around the board of Aurora, you get your own glass slipper, either in blue, purple, yellow or pink. It's easy to lose these shoes, you know, so be sure to explain each shoe before putting the game away from home. And if your daughter is like mine and likes to hide things, do not let these shoes at the foot of the table!

2. Get the clock: The version of Sleeping Beauty's object is to collect all the gems first without ending the game piece of Maleficent. But in the version of Cinderella you need to get rid of the clock and have all the jewelry in order to win. The game can take a while if the rules of the game because they are getting back from time to time if it drops jewels in that circle, but that's OK because the quality time with your child is priceless.

3. Silver Crown: This game has a silver crown, while the game has a gold Aurora, many people have said they prefer the original crown of Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game, which is not so fragile, but my daughter loves this game absolutely. I do not think that the quality of the jewelry is so important for young people, as is the woman a little older.


Above that you have learned more about the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition and how it differs from sleeping beauty board game. Instead of glass slippers Aurora is used to move around the board and instead of getting rid of the part of Maleficent game you need to get rid of the clock. Jewelry is almost the same, but the game Cinderella has a silver crown, while Aurora has gold. Some people think that the jewels and the crown in the original game Pretty Pretty Princess board is of better quality, but young women often do not complain one way or another.

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